Transformers Robots in Disguise – Episode 8-11

Héi sin Inhalten zu den Transformers Robots in Disguise Episoden 8-11.

Episode 8: Get a Clue – Strongarm flexes her detective muscles to solve a baffling series of Decepticon thefts.

Episode 9: Out of the Shadows – The Bee Team learns about Drift’s past when his former mentor Shadow Raker comes to Earth to recover something Drift has taken.

Episode 10: Disordered Personalities – An experiment in combining accidentally causes the Autobots to swap personalities. Stuck in the wrong bodies, the team is called on a mission to defeat the Stunticons in a road race.

Episode 11: Guilty as Charged – Strongarm worries that her Academy classmate Chicane may still harbor a grudge, but when a powerful foe comes after her old friend, Strongarm an the Bee Team put their sparks on the line to protect her.

Een groussen Merci un dass ech dëss News mat ierg deelen kann.

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