Transformers The Last Knight startet mat $265.3 Million Weltwäit

Duerch den Artikel vun an dem hun mir erfuhren, dass den Transformers The Last Knight mat $265.3 Million Weltwäit startet. Am meeschten gouf an China gezählt, dono folgen Korea, Russland, England an Däitschland.

Launching in 41 offshore markets, Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight opened to $196.2M at the international box office. That’s a big number and is towards the higher end of the pre-weekend range. But it’s also a swing from where we saw this coming in yesterday — partially the result of an unexpected 31% drop in China from Saturday to Sunday. The debut FSS cume there is $123.4M (63% of the full offshore bow). Factoring in domestic, the global total on The Last Knight is $265.3M.


But after China debuted bigger than some had expected, it began to look like T5 was moving across the $200M mark abroad to defy expectations. Then that market proved to be the wild card we often term it. Although the film lost no Middle Kingdom screens between Saturday and Sunday, the drop was bigger than we’ve recently seen — and daily growth was also soft in other hubs contrary to typical patterns on a movie that was teed up for overseas, and China in particular. China currently reps 63% of the full overseas total — with just 25% of Middle Kingdom receipts flowing back to the studio. The film cost a reported $217M before P&A.

Een groussen Merci un dass ech dëss News mat ierg deelen kann.

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