San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Hasbro Panel

Héi ass den San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Hasbro Panel wéi alles presentéiert gët.
Een groussen Merci un dass ech dëss News mat ierg deelen kann.


Machinima on panel
Megatron (voiced by Welker) interrupted video
Sent Decepticons to buy SDCC toys etc.
Decepticons (Megatron) taking over Transformers Twitter
Soundwave live tweeting


Mega 1-step turbo changer Dragonstorm
All turbo changers have hidden fire deco revealed by Dragonstorm’s light (like he’s breathing fire on them)
Premiere TLK now
Wave 2 Leader Dragonstorm being shown now
Showing the development process
Megatron interrupting again, whining about Starscream
Showing Leader Megatron now
Development process of Megatron
Voyager Nitro Wave 3 being shown now
Development process for Nitro shown off, CAD and gray models etc.
Showing Deluxe Wave 4 Cogman now
Cogman vehicle mode fits two titanmasters
Wave 3 Bumblebee deluxe shown now (movie-accurate version)
Showing development again
Movie Masterpiece now
Showing Optimus prime
Diecast parts, articulated fingers
Most accurate 2007 version ever created
Showing development process now
Onto Generations


2018 last chapter of Prime Wars Trilogy
Optimus Primal is promotional image on Power of the Primes
Optimus Primal will be holder of Matrix of Leadership
Talking about the story now
12 Primes
Prime Masters hold power, even the spark, of original 12 Liege Maximo comes with Dreadwind
Cards come with each figure to expand on what each Prime Master’s power is “Prime cards” 12 to collect
Pretenders are now Decoy suits Prime Masters hide in Decoy suits and they can transform Beachcomber legends class
Deluxe Dreadwind
Wave 2 Blackwing (Darkwing’s new name)
Combine in jet form to form Dreadwing
Deluxe Wave 1 Jazz
Voyager Wave 1 Starscream
G1 IDW mixed style
Leader Wave 1 Rodimus Prime
Figure is Hot Rod, then combines with trailer to become Rodimus Prime
Prime Masters connect like mini-cons to all size classes
Legends – they drive
Deluxes/Voyagers – head
Leader – matrix
looks same as TR
Onto Machinima

Machinima (Titans Return Series):

In production
Starts where CW left off
First titan to show up on Cybertron to wreak havoc is Trypticon
Optimus, Megatron, and Windblade have to resurrect ancient ally to help
Demo reel now
No new animation, just new voices and actors being like OMG
Show premieres November
10 episodes, 11 minutes long each
Megatron interrupts again
Trypticon cereal joke
Made it a poster (giveaway at booth!)
Cereal poster folds into box
Onto Hascon


Winners of HOF announced Sept. 8th HOF polls open on social
Now convention exclusives (recap of SDCC)
Megatron interrupts AGAIN
Q&A now


MP Beast Wars? Stay tuned.
Someone wants a Bludgeon toy. “Stay tuned”. Teasing as decoy suit.
Decepticons in MP movie line? Stay tuned.
Remaining combiners? We hear you. Stay tuned.
No plans for new Nautica mold
Plans for that new Starscream mold? “Next question” with laughs
Siege on Cybertron set, more were ordered
Hasbro aware of Trypticon hip issue, seems isolated, engineering looking into it
Q&A and panel over
All and maybe more shown off at booth soon

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