Transformers Cyberverse – Interview mam Adam Beechen

Héi ass een Interview mam Adam Beechen, dem Showrunner vun Transformers Robots In Disguise. Hien huet Froen vun der kommender Serie beänfert.

“Question: Are you working on the new cartoon [Transformers: Cyberverse] by any chance?

Adam Beechen: I’m not working on the new series. Just like RID was a change from Prime, I think Hasbro wanted to try something new and wanted new voices for it.

Question: Based on previous finales they all seemed to wrap up the show pretty well, without giving out what happens in Combiner Force, can you say it’ll wrap up the series fairly well?

Adam Beechen: Do you really think I’m going to say, “No, it’s a terrible ending?” Of course we think it’ll wrap up the series well!

Question: I just hope the end of RID wraps up all dangling plots (Soundwave, Stunticons, Steeljaw’s Pack and The Council).

Adam Beechen: I think it wraps up everything that’s important, but ultimately, how good a job it does will be up to the viewers.”

Question:“Why is the show called Robots In Disguise when there was an old show with the same name?”

“When I came aboard, there were a number of possible titles for the series (I won’t tell you what they were) and the one Hasbro settled on was RID. The creative team didn’t have input into their decision. I thought it was strange, too, given the earlier show of the same name, and the fact that our show wasn’t particularly going to be about our characters spending much time in disguise. But they chose what they chose, and certainly, when people think Transformers, many of them think of the classic phrase, “Robots In Disguise,” so maybe that worked a little in our favor and attracted some viewers. I don’t know.”

Een groussen Merci un dass ech dëss News mat ierg deelen kann.

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