Hauck Transformers Go-Karts

Elo kann ech ierg néi Informatiounen an Biller an een TV Spot zu den Hauck Transformers Go-Karts gin. Ët gët eng Optimus Prime an Bumblebee Variant.

“Transforming the world of go karting from the Planet Cybertron, introducing the Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime pedal Go Karts. Get ready to “…roll-out!” Transformers pedal go karts provide an authentic driving experience featuring pedal power, sporty steering and low profile rubber tires! the Bumblebee/ Optimus Prime design includes, aggressive front fairing, adjustable seat, double-touch single hand brake, 3 point steering and sturdy steel tube frame. Over and above, it encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and co-ordination. Go Kart is 44 x 21 x 22″. Holds up to 120 lbs.”

Een groussen Merci un http://www.ntf-archive.de dass ech dëss News mat ierg deelen kann.

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