IDW Transformers: Lost Light Volume 3 TPB

Hei ass voll Virschau zu dem IDW Transformers: Lost Light Vol 3 TPB.

Transformers: Lost Light, Vol. 3
James Roberts ( w ) • Alex Milne, Brendan Cahill, Jack Lawrence (a) • Jack Lawrence ( c )
Crammed into a dead Decepticon astropod that’s 10 sizes too small, the displaced crew of the Lost Light faces their most serious threat yet: each other. No worries though, Rodimus can save the day! Or maybe they’ll all die… Plus, the Scavengers have never had it so good. The war is a receding memory, their patchy service records have been forgotten, and the five of them can roam the galaxy as they please. All’s well that ends well? Not quite. Collects issues #13–18.
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-331-5

Bullet points: 
Winner of the Comixology Award for Best Ongoing Comic Series of 2017 as well as Best Writer for James Roberts!

Quelle: IDW

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