Nerf Nitro Transformers Bumblebee Speedblast

Hei sin Biller vum Nerf Nitro Transformers: Bumblebee Speedblast. Mat der Waff ginn kleng Autoen oofgeschoss an fueren dann den dozou gehéieregen Parkour.

Blast into overdrive with this Nerf Nitro set that features Transformers Bumblebee character deco! Design daring stunts for the Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and Barricade foam body cars. Blast the cars up the ground bridge and through the barrier! The Nerf Nitro blaster launches the cars with the power and performance of the Nerf brand. To blast a car, place the blaster on the floor, pull the handle back to prime it, load a car into the blaster, and pull the trigger. The combination of the Nerf Nitro blasting and Transformers characters launches kids into lots of stunt action and storytelling adventures. Includes blaster, 3 foam body cars and 2 stunts.

Includes blasters, 3 foam body cars with plastic wheels, 2 stunts, and instructions.

Blaster features Transformers Bumblebee deco
Includes 1 foam body car with Autobot Bumblebee deco
Includes 1 foam body car with Autobot Cliffjumper deco
Includes 1 foam body car with Decepticon Barricade deco
Create daring stunts with the barrier and ground bridge
Ages 5 and up


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